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Is it hypnosis, hypnotherapy, or psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy may not involve utilizing hypnotic states, but when it does, it can be called hypnotherapy.

The hypnotic state itself may feel just pleasant, relaxing. It is similar to that inner state of peacefulness and tranquility often encountered in meditation, when you can leave all the problems of the outside world outside, and keep finding ever more fascinating ‘inner passages.' It may be places of exceptional beauty, empowerment, and Love. Discovering your Self and your connection with the Divine – or maybe just that place where you can unwind completely, let go of all stress, relax, and refresh. For some, it is easier to learn to attain such state with hypnotic guidance than when they try to calm their minds in meditation.

There are many applications of hypnosis. For example, athletes use hypnotic state to rehearse in their minds that perfect performance before they can achieve it physically, and it helps them to attain the level of performance much faster. Another example might be listening to affirmations in a light hypnotic state to accentuate strengths and to shake off negativity. Or using self-hypnosis to stay comfortable during a dental appointment.

From simple self-help applications to demanding a high level of psychological knowledge and psychotherapy skills, attending to deeply buried emotional wounds from the past, hypnotherapy means many different things.

Hypnosis is an excellent tool to:

Boost confidence, get out of depression, quit smoking, reduce stress, stop anxiety, improve sleep, get rid of fear or phobia, lose weight, improve self-esteem, improve relationships, address Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD, or any other condition listed on our services list. Hypnosis is an option, but a beneficial one.

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You probably already have heard it somewhere, the subconscious mind is powerful and can help you overcome or achieve impressive things.

Working with the subconscious mind demands proficiency in communicating with it. As is the case with learning any language, more practice bids better results, and I have conducted thousands of hours of hypnotherapy sessions.

I like communicating with the subconscious mind because it knows better why we feel in a certain way.

Emotions being at the core of all we experience, the insight the subconscious mind has to offer can be constructive in achieving any goal.

For example, it is possible to free yourself from emotional scars, to ‘let go of the past,’ and to learn how to harness the power of positive emotions for healing and overall well-being. It is possible to get rid of stubborn habits, conquer fears, and find out how to indeed be your Self.

Often, I would resort to working with mental metaphors, which is kind of like detecting counter-productive dreams and then guiding someone to change them into healing ones. Most people find these techniques intriguing, leading to greater self-awareness and often to realizations that some problems only make an impression of being too hard to tackle, but that being able to have a look at them from a different perspective can result in an ‘aha’ moment and solution.

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